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Marrakech By night

Experience the magical allure of Marrakech at night with this half-day adventure. From the lively Jamaa el Fna Square to the bustling market, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, indulge in delicious cuisine, and witness captivating entertainment. Whether you choose to conclude your evening or continue exploring, this tour offers a memorable journey through Marrakech after sunset.


  1. Arrival at Jamaa el Fna Square (Evening): Begin your adventure by arriving at Jamaa el Fna Square, the pulsating heart of Marrakech’s medina. As the sun sets, the square comes alive with a bustling ambiance of food stalls, street performers, and local vendors. Embrace the vibrant atmosphere and feel the energy surrounding you.
  2. Explore the Market (1-2 hours): Immerse yourself in the sensory delights of the market. Take your time to wander through the lively stalls, engaging with local artisans and vendors. Discover a treasure trove of handmade crafts, aromatic spices, and traditional products. Capture the vibrant colors and interactions in your memories and photographs.
  3. Dine at a Local Restaurant (1 hour): Indulge in a delightful dinner at one of the traditional restaurants nestled around Jamaa el Fna Square. Treat your taste buds to a variety of authentic Moroccan dishes, such as fragrant tagines, flavorful couscous, and succulent grilled meats. Enjoy the lively ambiance while savoring your meal.
  4. Enjoy the Nightlife and Entertainment (1-2 hours): After dinner, immerse yourself in Marrakech’s vibrant nightlife. Witness captivating street performances, where musicians, snake charmers, and storytellers showcase their skills. Capture the enchanting moments and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the evening.
  5. Departure or Extended Exploration (Flexible): Conclude your half-day experience by heading back to your accommodation if desired. Alternatively, continue to explore the night-time wonders of Marrakech. The choice is yours, allowing you to tailor your evening adventure to your preferences and schedule.



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